ELT Readers

Guided Readers are designed by ELT experts in the UK specifically for children whose first language is not English. A controlled syllabus progression for vocabulary and sentence structure ensures easy comprehension. Magic tales encourage children to learn to read English through a range of classic stories.

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ELT Subskill

Adventure provides a flexible, but structured resource for developing writing skills, which the young learners will enjoy. The activities address the writing composition to hone the 21st century skills that aim to help children keep up with the fast-changing society of today.

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Hindi Readers

The series is in text cum workbook format and promotes a logical, scientific approach to language learning and ensures the develoment of communication skills. The primary objective of the course is to ensure learner’s language skills through various activities that focus on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Series includes various value-based new stories, poems, drama, essay etc and life skills activities inculcate positive attitude and moral values.

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Hindi Grammar

Approach of this Series is to reduce the complexity of Traditional Hindi Grammar. Child Friendly Illustrations are included throughout the series. Activity includes different types of creative work related to the lessons.Speaking skills helps to develop the ability of public speaking. Writing skills helps to develop the writing ability with creativity. Listening skills help in developing the ability to carefully listen to the speech.

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Art & Craft

Tinker is a series of 11 books from pre-primary to middle school level. This series allows young learners to explore and practice various art forms, concepts and techniques. From time immemorial, Art has been considered as a medium of expression. Keeping this in mind, Tinker is designed to provide a platform for the learners to give full vent to their imaginations, expressions, thoughts, originality and creativity.

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