The Digital classroom is a "Technology-enabled" learning environment where Student learning and Interaction with the Teacher and Peers is fully supported through strategic use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Some of the core benefits of the Digital Classroom Solutions are as follows:

Setting up of digital classrooms in schools is slowly becoming a norm nowadays.

  • The ease with which a lesson can be taught to students.
  • Students tend to remember a lesson better if it is taught in an interactive & collaborative manner.
  • Whiteboards, projectors and other digital equipment help make a class both interactive and effective.
  • Teachers can develop presentations and charts that children can understand.
  • The colourful presentation definitely makes the lesson more impressive, effective and interesting.
  • A student definitely remembers lesson better than one that is being taught directly from a textbook.
  • Stimulate mind of Students to explore and understand real life application of Maths, Science and other subject concepts.
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