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Brilliant Publications is UK based innovative Publisher that produces high quality, well-designed materials that make teaching and learning enjoyable and rewarding for both teachers and pupils. Brilliant is committed to producing materials that allow children aged 2–14 to learn and develop skills.

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Digital Learning Associates ( DLA ) is a UK based Company. DLA’s “ Ready To Run ” video based learning resources were declared by The British Council’s independent international jury as World’s Most Innovative Learner Resource in the 2019 ELTons Awards.

Ready to Run is the series of authentic video experiences for English Language Teaching exclusively from DLA. Ready to Run is used by some of the world’s leading ELT courses, using authentic video to change the way students learn English

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EON Reality is the world leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality based knowledge transfer for industry and education. EON believes that knowledge is a Human Right, and it’s goal is to make knowledge available, affordable, and accessible for every human on the planet. To do this, EON is creating the next generation of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools to increase the world’s knowledge transfer capabilities.

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GoLearn.Guru is a teaching and learning classroom resource designed and developed by experts in Literacy and Education Technology to improve English Literacy. GoLearn.Guru gives teachers instant results with detailed analytics measuring skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing ( LSRW). Once Students have completed the initial assessment , GoLearn.Guru’s advanced Artificial Intelligence Engine works to instantly give teachers a deep insight into each student’s abilities, providing a whole range of quantitative data to encourage positive interventions. GoLearn.Guru groups and displays granular data to clearly show each student’s learning progress , allowing teachers to target each intervention for maximum outcomes.

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Innova Press is a brand-new ELT publisher, launched in late 2017 with a mission to create true innovation in language education. Innova creates readers, test preparation materials, and other titles based on the latest research into language education, with a specific focus on actual learner needs.

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